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Poker frustrations – Taking It To The Next Level

Poker frustrations - Taking It To The Next Level

These frustrations are more often directed at other people around the table, rather than at myself. If it was me, I would spend a lot of time on my post-flop play with hands like T8s, but I am too valuable a player to do that and any spare time I have to spend is spent watching others play.

So, what are my frustrations? At times, when other players make a mistake, I get very frustrated. Not so much in the fact that the guy just made a mistake, but in the fact that I did nothing to exploit the mistake and handed him a huge hand with a decent kicker. Of course, many of these occasions are very typical and likely occur many times every day.

Other frustrations can be directed at myself as well. Sometimes, I can be very frustrated with myself. I am never satisfied with my game, especially after a tournament. I press “time and play” button and start all over again. More than once, I have come back to the same spot a few times in a tournament only to lose it again to go into “time and play” mode. Lesson learned.

Of course, many of us live life on the edge and have many different emotional needs than our working families. We have jobs, responsibilities, and other activities that take up a lot of time. Most of us even have homes, cars, boats, and other property assets that require our attention on a daily basis. Professional gamblers have one thing in common: the ability to make a lot of money playing the games, but many of us live a more busy life than that.

How do you balance family life and gambling? Many professional gamblers swear by a formula that they swear keeps them in check: not too much of anything, but not too little of anything. Some of them have written books to help others understand how to make money efficiently. I’m not convinced this formula is the answer, but I’m sure others have found something that works for them.

How many people do you know that say they are professionals in the entertainment and recreation industry? Many times, they will try to deeds this status away by telling people what they have and promising to do work in their homes. Sound familiar? I’m sure many of us could think of ways to fit in this lifestyle, but realistically many of us know that it’s not quite reality.

On the other hand, there are people that work in entertainment and recreation industries and value their work. Here they are getting other people to contribute to their projects and businesses. Some choose to act as agents, booking shows, putting their names on tickets and executive producing other shows.

Huck Seed started off as a teacher, researching and teaching poker strategy to help other teacher with their students. Now he has written enough books and documented enough hours to prove that this is his and alone method of teaching people to make money at the game. Mark subsidiaries have also written many guides, giving their competitor’s information on how to make the right jumps and bounds to beat the system.

With more and more people trying to earn a buck or two on the Internet, scam artists have a lot of work to do. Their job can be to read all those eBook’s, taking notes and manufacturing winning tickets. Lottery associates that know how to do this work could find themselves scammed by con men posing as eBook confectors. How would they ever know what the con men are hiding behind their work?

Professional gamblers know what they are doing; and if you don’t believe them, just remember that most of them are not lucky to create this kind of fortune-making system. They, like you, spent many years practicing, learning, researching and coming up with new ways to win. You can either keep doing the same thing you are doing now, or try something different. Keep searching, keep learning, and you will find that amongst the hundreds of choices you have, there are at least a few that work.

Most of the time, you will find that the first thing you need is a good system to follow. You don’t have to worry about learning statistics, learning probability, or even memorizing basic strategy. You simply have to understand what they are doing. Once you can do that, the sky is the limit. You might think that the lottery is a big game of chance, but if you believe that too, then you are limiting yourself from something that can be easily changed. A things that is easily changeable is a system for scoring. Lottery systems can be easy to learn, difficult to implement and difficult to improve. However, if you put the time in, you can master the system and improve your odds of winning.